The Story


Wazza was a wandering wombat. He scavenged the lands to find the best burrow to call his own. He eventually came across a beautiful hill that felt like home. He set up his home and named the hill, Wombat Hill.

He lived here comfortably for some time enjoying the beautiful views, fresh mineral spring and local produce. However, as time passed, he missed the coffee standards of his last burrow. He started to roast his own coffee and became quite good at it. 

One day after putting on a fresh batch of his finest coffee, Wazza heard some commotion outside. He went out to inspect and came across four lads that looked quite lost. The lads had been looking for a new spot to call their own and had got lost in the forest. Smelling the amazing coffee they followed their noses until they came across Wazza’s warren. 

Wazza the wandering wombat had the lads covered. After a delicious cup of coffee, he showed them the local sites. The lads were in love instantly, they decided to build burrows of their own and help Wazza roast the finest coffee the bush had ever seen. Wazza, along with the lads Jay, Sammy, Patty and Benny decided that they couldn’t just keep the delicious coffee to themselves anymore. So they decided to open a place where other lost lads and lasses could come and enjoy the finest coffee the land had ever seen. 

Two of the cheeky wombats – Jay and Sammy